Professional Thai Massage Intensives for RMT's ~ 32 hours
Tuition: $595+hst *Deposit $150 (non-refundable)

Download Syllabus Here

This program includes:

~theory of Sen energy channels, Buddhist principles of energy work
~acupressure compression techniques & soft tissue manipulation techniques
~yoga-based passive client stretching
~safe ergonomics in posture and body mechanics for minimum impact on the practitioner
~flow in transitions for grace in movements and postion of stances working on the traditional mat
~level 1 postures include: supine position with feet, legs, arms, neck & face & prone position with legs, hips and back
~level 2 postures include: supine position with advanced leg work, abdomen viscera, sitting position and side lying position

* level 1 & level 2 are separate classes, both 4 days in length, CEU accreditation in submission with CMTBC

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